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the april fools collection

by mc chris

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ash 04:59
v1 im a detriment to deadites they might end up even deader i trap them then i blast them an assassin wearing leather i dismember every member of this group that got together brood of demons schemin surface dwellers into cellars took my lover linda to a lodge in tennessee a cabin that’s abandoned that’s a manageable fee pirouetting in her panties while i tickle ivories i kiss her and i gift her got a glass for mysteries got me rumblin in my tummy soon im hunting for some bubbly im feeling all the feels find a reel to reel that’s really troubling su merian incantation cancels any chance of coupling hell unleashed found its feast at least im here for shoveling lovely linda lost her locks bc i lopped her lid off dug a grave goodbye to babe im sad to say we split up i made a simple christian cross to keep the ancient evil off i’m gonna need a people saw time to fuck this evil raaaaaaaw hook call the man ash williams u got a bad ass villian got a chainsaw hand make a man start spillin amputee with a shotty make u pee in the potty ash double causin trouble ash double causin trouble v2 evil’s in the rafters and there’s laughter in the lobby started out a drafter now it’s after all the hotties henrietta’s got a thing for gourds it’s just one of hobbies raymond likes to press record and of course he keeps a copy the deed was done and i had won no running out of chances then evil ran me through the woods and hit my face with branches it threw me in a puddle underwater making bubbles a momentary deadite then i pass out memory muddled went back to the rancid cabin linda’s back in action dancing to the tool shed i’m advancing while she’s biting on my hand some got her in the vice at last she acts like she used to act with a chainsaw im attacked now with a chainsaw im attached saw my hand off and it ran off like it’s in the addams fam i found a 12 gauge double barrel bet it go blam i tried to blow my hand up but my fingers too fast finally got it where i want it and shot it blood bath hook v3 a mechanic and his missus got some business with an annie i know i am in mourning but im horny for her fanny her father was a knowby and she’s holding sacred pages make you travel to the 80’s or maybe the middle ages they threw me in the basement like im christmas decorations knowby’s wife came to life like stop motion animation they saw the beast i was released it’s plain to see i told the truth annies laddie got too grabby hacked that baddie #votingbooth bobby joe was shook and then she took off in the woods soon the evil trees would see that she’s hot, she’s got the goods roots and vines became intwined and dragged her across the map that deadite tree spread her knees and filled her gap with sap just so jarring for jake killed with a kandarian dagger henrietta dragged him under and blood started to splatter blood is coming out of foes like its coming out a hose faygo sprayed for days like a juggalo proposed we head out to the shed it’s time these deadites felt my wrath engineering graduate i battle shit with math build a chainsaw hand you never saw that in a movie leather rig for my new sawed off oh my god im lookin groovy as if this was my calling appauling to put it mildly maybe my vocation isnt in the suit and tie scene maybe i was made for decapitating a night fiend now im surrounded by knights can’t be the right time stream noooooooo hook
secret song 02:48
neville 02:40
twin peaks 03:21
QT 03:12
discord 03:00
clue 06:18
part six 03:15


released April 1, 2018


all rights reserved



mc chris California

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