the fan awakens

by mc chris

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a brand new song celebrates the life of a Star Wars in celebration of Episode Seven The Force Awakens


verse 1

when i was just two and hardly a dude
a movie came out gave us hope that was new
nonstop on the beta it made us demented
we’d get hardware wars if the tape had been rented
when i was just 8 and in the third grade
rotj was well worth the wait
we heard we’d see jabba, his palace and ship
heresy and rumors came at a quick clip
remember book fairs a book shelf with wheels
mad libs and garfield at very good deals
you’d fill out a form and make your selections
and in a few weeks you would add to collections
one kid got a book about the new movie
we ran to his house though he hardly knew me
we flipped through the pictures right at the front door
leia’s in a bikini we’re children no more

anticipation enough of this waiting
i cannot wait for this force awakens
inside of my soul this ticket i hold
let’s pile in a car and go to the show

verse 2
i graduated invaded pa
i lived with my folks till they just went away
i worked at a place that made medical vids
post college life wasn’t kind to this kid
i moved to south philly got mugged i was bummed
one day i skipped work to do something i love
went under the pass to a show called joe black
wasn’t there to see pitt that flick looked so whack
saw gungans in mist what i wished had come true
new star wars existed could not click undo
my office a closet commercials i dupe
in between finding spoilers on aint it cool news
the day it came out i ran through the aisles
i felt like a kid with a heart full of smiles
the theater went dark gold words appeared
john williams score was poured into our ears



we’re gonna go oh oh oh
and let the force flow oh oh oh
through my body and my soul oh oh oh
and when it ends all my money i’ll spend
i’ll get back in line again oh yes it is time my friends

verse 3
i’ll pay for a movie no matter how boring
i’ll even watch something with jennifer lawrence
if it has trailer with wookies and droids
i’ll pay the full price and i won’t be annoyed
disney bought star wars and lucas bought schools
nerds grinded axes with sharpening tools
but i wasn’t worried i’ve always loved mice
the movies the parks and the pineapple ice
instead of a space ship a station for battle
when star wars land opens they’ll herd us like cattle
each year a new movie our cup runneth over
the origin of yoda, the ballad of boba
these days it’s LA with a wife and an infant
i swear i see disneyland off in the distance
there’s diapers and dishes and kisses goodnight
then i play fallout 4 by the christmas tree lights
i had an r2 that squeaked when you squeezed him
now baby has bb it’s easy to please him
my tickets are pinned to a bulletin board
but sharing star wars is to what i look forward




released December 13, 2015
music and production: andrew futral
vocal production and additional vocals: wax


all rights reserved



mc chris California



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