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no one knows

by mc chris

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help me celebrate april fools day with my first new track off my new album king in black.


verse 1
attuned to the moon i’m no good in the day
the word on the street they need the mk
but this illness means business it bruises my brain
maybe life is just pain that you put on display
my ultimate reality’s multiple personalities
they bleed into each other like a mall made up of maladies
don’t want to take my meds im so fed up with the fallacy
this ballad leaves me pallid while i battle life’s banalities
all in white instead of black after labor day no tact
henchmen don’t have hunches they get punches that i pack
frenchie is my bestie he’s obsessed with my sack
it don’t matter drop the ladder clever banter then attack
hawkeye from the future made my weapons in the past
assassins get the sutures from the secret staff that i stash
if you’re gonna talk trash then that ass is gettin anked
if u want a slow droid may i recommend the gronk

the moon glows a light that’s ghostly white
those that do oppose are mosty right
i like to find foes and then i fight
no one knows i am the moon knight

verse 2
multimansion millionaire movie star that’s hard to scare
lamborghini meanie see me make your steady start to stare
pushy paparazi got me dashin like kardashians
i run away like kanye he don’t like it when they laugh at him
multi movie franchise friendly do my own stunts it’s unhealthy
monthly payments won’t believe shoot in space just wait and see
here’s my home off of mulholland pool’s out back i love to fall in
a secret path to the bath follow if u wanna smash
my life is practically perfect til a personality perverts it
life's a bitch can’t control the switch my situation is uncertain
strait jacket padded room no moon for me to worship
confound this curse for what its worth i don't deserve desertion
i'm vexed by all my versions can't be certain who's invading
khonshu will exhaust you mind's fried while i lie waiting
desert excursion now a new person servant who's suffocating
i hate sand it's coarse and rough and totally irritating

verse 3
crabbie cabbie face is scratchy coffee scratch offs and a sammy
now i’m jake make no mistake moustache gets’m kinda clammy
underbelly saavy saddie gets the intel ie addie
pops the trunk costume change rearrange the brains of baddies
catch up with the crotchety crowley dip inside the dirty diner
get the word that is heard by in the know night time insiders
in my cape and cowl i prowl my scowl is foul ignore my aura
i trunch a bunch then i lunch on marlene's labia minora
jewish in the comics guatamalan if your streamin
sienkiewicz doesn't say which he'll get paid if there's no schemin
i call'm like i see'm from the am to the pm
a used to be buried mercenary without a mausoleum
a mummy known to pummel brendan fraser's double fistin
i black out then i lash out i feel tapped out need assistance
i find the crescent pleasant my motif inside this instance
my cape can make that shape as i descend from darkened distance

no one knows
who's inside these clothes
and so it goes
no one knows i am the moon knight
no one knows
what the future holds
destined for the west coast
no one knows i am the moon knight

hook x2


released April 1, 2022
produced by andrew futral


all rights reserved



mc chris California

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